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SENOZONE SERVICES is located in the Pondicherry suburbs, close to Chennai.


Senozone services is an independent project contractor on its one site, all its operations are brought together: Research and development, Sales, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Testing Before Dispatch as well as the preparation of all the site operations (erection, start up, after sales service).This avoids the confusion that arises from a scattered administration.


Senozone services is following the ISO 9001 Quality Control system of procedures.


A rational approach to quality, organized around project teams made up of experts in each field, enables a correct grasp and link of all the facts of the Ozonation industry: from Physics Discharge to Power Electronics, from Mechatronics to Electro mechanics to Automation, from Fluid Mechanics to Hydraulics, from Chemical Engineering to water treatment, from the Paper Industry to the Environment Protection, etc. . .


Senozone services has a national and international network which favors strong customer support.


Senozone services has done extreme R&D in developing the world class Ozone Generator. Furthermore, Senozone services boasts of European expertise amongst its engineers and technicians based in Pondicherry and its subsidiaries, which allows them to source technology world wide.


Senozone services is both a manufacturer and a specialized process contractor knowing that even the best machine will give bad results if badly installed.


Senozone services places the highest importance on mastering all aspects and all stages of the ozone production technology and its use.


Senozone services main aim is to provide hostile services to all its customers for running their machine hazzle free service.




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Our Clients

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Associated Industries Consumer Pvt. Ltd, Silvassa

Environmental Care Agency, Tirupur

Jyothy Laboratories, Silvassa

Jyothy Laboratories Ltd, Roorkee, Uttranchal

KKSK Tanning Company Pvt. Ltd Erode

Flowline Engineers , Bangalore

Jyothy Laboratories Ltd, Bhuvaneshwar, Orissa


Parsi Panchayat funds & Properties (Tower Of Silence) Mumbai

Valio Friction Materials India Ltd., (Gabriel Shock absorbers) Singaperumal Koil, Chennai

GE ITC Bangalore


Kalathur Foods & Beverages

Sri Gokulam medical College, Trivandrum

Shree Gayathri Aqua Minerals, Hosur

Water & Chemical Technologies, Chennai

Parle Bisleri, Mumba

St. Joseph Hospitals , (Cluny) Pondicherry

Membrane Technologies (Team Water) Chennai

Central Paper & Pulp Research Centre, Saharanpur, Haryana

Titanium Equipment and Anode Manufacturing Company Ltd, Chennai

Hotel Sunway, Pondicherry

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Claire Foods & Beverages Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Ion Exchange Ltd, Hosur

Sri Aurobindo Handmade paper Industries, Pondicherry

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Parle Bisleri, Mumbai

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