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Swimming Pool

Pools are contaminated by sweat and other body excretions, birds dropping, pollen, dead leaves etc. People are pouring 5g/m3 of chlorine, bleaching powder or sodium Hypochlorite of water in your pool day-in-day-out, which weekly or fortnightly add upto 5 to 10 times this much to ‘shock treat’ the pool. You are actually poisoning your clients / your family.




Are you not tired with the inconvenience and the continuous expenses of procuring and using chlorine? And the huge waste of back-wash water? And the contamination of nature by the toxic reject water (blow down and back wash)?



You have probably read about the dangers of Chlorine by-products namely chloramides, chloroform, trihalomethanes, etc. which all are proven carcinogens and are left behind, while treating the organic substances present in the water of your pool.



Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent, which will attack the organic substances and reduce them to ashes. The pool will give you day after day a crystal blue sparkling pristine water not to be seen in a conventional chlorinated pool. So first take the dip … into your pocket and acquire an ozoniser.


Say Goodbye to …

  • Red eyes, wrinkled skin, ear or throat infections, hair damage, throat infections.

  • The daily chore of pouring chemicals

  • The blowdowns and make up waters (except filter back wash water and evaporation make up)

  • Your appointment with a cancer of your bladder!


                  "SAVE HUGE QUANTITIES OF WATER!"





1. Replacement of chlorine/bromine by ozone:


The pool water has to be flocculated to remove various colloidal materials and substances that create turbidity. This is often done using Alum which also is a time bomb for your health, Alzheimer’s disease is brought out by an excess of aluminum in the brain. Ozone is used as a flocculating agent in addition to its function of purification thereby eliminating or reducing the need for Aluminium.


Ozone then inactivates bacteriae, viruses and various other contaminants (like pesticides, heavy metals).


Hence, introduce Ozone! bid good-bye to Chemicals!!!


By treating swimming pools with chlorine/bromine, by-products are generated which are eye irritants and carcinogenic in the long run. Because of these, the Environmental protection Agency (EPA) recommended Ozone as an acceptable alternative for chlorine in swimming pools.


Ozone has been utilized since the early 1950 for treating swimming pool waters, primarily in Europe. Today, there are over thousands of European pools, which have incorporated ozonation. Ozonated pools spread have through the length and breadth of the US and far East.


2. The Economics of Ozone:





Save our Green Earth
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