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Effluent Treatment

Textile industry, bleaching and dyeing plants, pulp and paper plants and tanning industry products large quantities of effluents, which are very toxic and resistant to destruction by physico-chemical treatment methods and are hardly biodegradable.


Tighter regulations on industrial wastewater discharge quality have caused the closure of some industries because they created too much pollution and could not treat it. The next 5 years will witness stricter of pollution Laws


It is known that in industrialized areas, municipal sewage may contain, together with viruses and bacteria, a complex mixture of chemicals, some of them toxic to aquatic organisms of receiving waters. These waste frequently are being further chlorinated in order to reduce the number of fecal coliforms as well as the number of enteric pathogens.

Effluents treated with chlorine however cause the formation of mutagenic compounds, besides increasing toxicity to aquatic organisms.


We, at SENOZONE are here to help you to solve your problem thanks to…


OZONE, the best and strongest oxidant in the world!


Effluent treatment requires modern generators producing ozone at high concentration, with low energy consumption levels.


Furthermore, an advantageous aspect is that ozone disappears very rapidly from the treated water; this is not the case with chlorine which is fairly persistent.


One of the best solutions is to remove BOD by a light pre ozonation followed by biological treatment, followed by a massive Main Ozonation (which will also reduce the COD) followed through GAC adsorption and Quartz sand filtration.


  • It removes all bacteria and viruses and their spores, cysts even those of E-coli, Salmonella, etc.
  • It lowers the color and turbidity.
  • It oxidizes odor forming molecules.
  • It cracks non-biodegradable molecules to eliminate them through BOD reduction treatment.
  • It reduces the COD significantly.
  • It removes suspended solids by an ozone-induced floatation process.*


The following sequence always gives excellent results

When compared to alternatives, oxidation with ozone is a method that produces practically no residues requiring further specialized handling or treatment. And it does it faster than any other methods, hence reducing the size of retaining tanks.


The uses for ozone are as many as the industries that use general oxidants.


The Pulp and Paper Industry utilizes ozone as a substitute for chlorine, chlorine dioxide and sodium hypochloride in the bleaching process or to treat wastewater for removal of color and absorbable organic halides (AOX).


The Textile Industry enjoys the use of ozone to remove the color, AOX, and chemical oxygen demand (COD) in its wastewater.


Ozone is being used as an alternative to chromates and chlorine and biocides in cooling water treatment.


The food industry is utilizing ozone for treating process water and wastewater streams as well as to conserve perishables. Nowadays fishing boats are equipped with Ozonators.

Other specialty users for ozone in the treatment of industrial waters and wastewaters are expected to develop as interest increases.




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