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Ozone can provide certain significant advantages when applied to AQUACULTURE. If used properly, ozone can be quick and thorough disinfectant or even an effective remover of organic particulates, protein and colour in Fish Farms.





Ozone has been recognized as the strongest and safest purifying agent for decades and has been used as a disinfectant for over a century.


Ozone is indeed the only non toxic purifier besides Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) – but more powerful and less costly. It does not leave any untreated toxic substances nor does it leave toxic by-products in the water after treatment. In addition, residual ozone reverts back to oxygen, which is most appreciated by fish/shrimps.


That is why fishes/shrimps are grow healthily and swim happily in Ozonated water. This oxygen enhances the water quality. Fishes / shrimps will develop well. Yield increases. Mortality decreases. Size and quality of individuals improved too.


The SENOZONE Dedicated Solution:

For the Aquaculture, SENOZONE offers a dedicated product namely Mobile Ozonation Unit For Aquaculture (MousFA), which has been specially designed for aquaculture and conceived to treat small sick ponds on the spot without requiring of big civil works.


Reasons to Use Ozone:




Please Note:


Direct injection of ozone in the pond targets only the microbial contamination and is to be done in surface, leaving the waste substances in the bottom of the pond. It is compatible with batch production implying complete penewal of the water at each batch or season as is done in India.


Closed Loops / Life Support System 


For a total closed loop solution, we offer our models MZ* integrated in a suitable civil work.

In this process the water is entirely treated. All waste is eliminated. The pond water need not be changed. The ponds can produce throughout the year. This total treatment configuration is also called “Life Support System.” It requires a considerable investment initially but leads to high profitability of the project since the yield is abundant and constant.



Many aquatic systems, huge aquaria, aquatic parks or breeding ponds in the West are working in total autonomy, the water being constantly treated by ozone and recirculated.



  • Low water consumption (only ‘make up’ the water consumed, due to evaporation, etc)
  • No pollution at all.
  • Side production of compost, purely organic manure.
  • Immunity to contagious epidemics brought from outside.
  • You won’t depend anymore on the capricious weather.
  • Your industry will, at long last, be more predictable and constantly profitable.



In the early 1970, sea world of Florida (Orlando) installed ozonation followed by biofilteration to treat recycling water at their Dolphin Exhibit. Ozone was used to oxidize excess BOD, COD and to disinfect the water from pathogenic microorganisms.


In large fish aquaria, the use of ozone has been very beneficial as a better alternative to ultraviolet sterilization. At sea world of San Diego, ozone is being applied after filtration as the sole-disinfecting agent, with excellent results.


Ozone is a strongly oxidizing molecule capable of effecting rapid oxidation of nitrite to nitrate in fresh-water effluents. Comparison of nitric and nitrate levels in algal bed-bacterial filter effluents with reservoir effluents indicates that the oxidative capability of ozone may be utilized in seawater systems. Further, ozone is capable of oxidizing ammonia to nitrate, although at a slower rate than the nitrate to nitrite conversion.


Examination of the algal bed-bacterial filter effluents and reservoir effluents also demonstrates this capability in seawater. An additional action of ozone upon ammonia in aqueous systems is the production of ionized ammonia, which would result in a further reduction of the biologically toxic un ionized form. As a result of the ozone-mediated conversion of un ionized to ionized ammonia, the un ionized ammonia levels in the reservoir effluent, although greatly below the maximum acceptable limit actually may be much less than calculated as the calculation considers only temperature and pH as modifying factors but not the presence of ozone.





Increase in the oxidation potential of the water results in the oxidation of proteins in the bacterial cell walls. The concentration of viable bacteriae therefore decreases exponentially   as the ozone/redox potential increase.





The relationship between the ozone concentration and redox potential assumes that the water is clean with no other substances to affect ORP.




Therefore, COD measurement is also essential. Ensure that the COD level is less than 50% of the Ozone level (both in same unity mg/l or p.p.m)




Ozone disinfects water and kills bacteriae by oxidation of specific cell wall components. However, ozone will oxidize many different types of chemical species both organic and inorganic. For example if the water has a high concentration of manganese, iron, proteins or other organics then these components will effectively reduce the available concentration of ozone in the water, and hence the germicidal properties of the gas. As a rough guide (or a rule of the thumb) if you wish to achieve near 100% disinfection of the water, the applied ozone concentration should be equivalent to atleast 50% of the COD. For example, if the COD is 2mg/l, then the ozone requirement should be atleast 1 mg/l. You should only use this figure as a guide. Alternatively the ‘Ozone demand’ can be estimated experimentally.


If you send us a sample of the subject water (say 1 liter for clear water or 5 liters for effluents), we shall conduct an Ozone demand test for Rs. 350 (US $ 10) per sample. Payment can be sent along with sample. This will be deducted from any equipment purchase consuetude to your enquiry. Freight payable by you up and down.


Ozone has a major advantage over other disinfectants such as chlorine since it does not leave any residual, harmful chemical in the water, but instead produces in most cases Co2, O2 and water as by-products. This makes ozone absolutely environmental friendly and ideal for the treatment of potable water and critical industrial applications





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